Research Navigation Portal

Use the CHARM Research Navigation Portal to easily request consultations and services and take your research to the next level.

The CHARM Research Navigation Portal is a helpful platform made for researchers to easily manage their projects and collaborate with the CHARM team.

Users can engage in various activities within the portal to enhance their research experience and seek support from the CHARM Cores. 

Here's a quick look at what you can do:

  1. Create a Secure Profile:
    1. Set up a personal and password-protected profile on the portal.

  2. Manage Projects:
    1. Enter new projects or update existing ones. 
    2. Add your research project to the portal once, and request multiple consultations, services, and report project outcomes without having to re-enter the project details
    3. “Projects” can include grant applications, funded grants, research ideas, manuscripts, and much more.
  3. Request Consultations and Services:
    1. Easily request consultations, peer review services, and access more resources from all CHARM Cores. 
    2. Our Core Coordinators will receive your request and connect you to the expert that will best fit your needs. 
    3. Requesting consultations and services through our portal helps us keep track of our impact, which is important for our reporting and to ensure we will remain a resource in HIV and mental health for years to come. 

  4. Report Outcomes:
    1. Document outcomes for each project directly through the portal.
    2. This feature helps the CHARM team keep track of project progress and outcomes. 

Watch a recording of our Research Navigation Portal Launch Event for a summary on what resources you can access via the Portal and a quick demo on setting up and managing your Unique Portal Link:

Here is a detailed video tutorial to help you use the portal:

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. What if I can't find my User Portal link?

    Your unique User Portal Link was automatically emailed to you from when you created your portal. If you cannot find it, please visit this page to find a page with all user links by email. Search for your email on the search bar to find your link.

    NOTE: We recommend you bookmark your link on all devices for easy access to your portal!

  • 2. What if I forget my password?

    Your password was automatically emailed to you from when you created your portal. If you cannot find it there, please follow the steps above to arrive to your User Portal Link. Once there, you can complete the “Forgot Password” form to have your password sent to your email on file.

  • 3. How do I change my password?

    Please email the CHARM Team at with your new password and we will change it for you. 

  • 4. I'm a faculty member. Can't I just email the expert directly instead of using the Portal?

    No! Although it may initially be easier to email a consultant directly, using the portal is critical for our outcomes reporting, ensuring that CHARM will remain a resource for years to come. 

    Using the Portal also benefits you, because you can request multiple consultations and services for the same project without having to provide the project information each time. This will ensure triaged service and follow-up from our Coordinator team.

    If you already know who you want to meet with, you can include that information in your consult request and the CHARM Coordinators will schedule a meeting with them for you. 

  • 5. What does CHARM do with the information I provide?

    When you share information with CHARM, it's used in various ways to support you and improve research services. Here's a breakdown:

    1. Coordinating Support:

      • CHARM uses the information you provide, including brief information about you, your project scope, and consultation needs, to help coordinate consultation and service support tailored to you.
    2. Reporting to NIMH:

      • CHARM uses the information for our annual report to NIMH. This involves conveying insights on:
        • Service Usage and Types: Understanding who is using CHARM services, and how many services and consultations we are providing. 
        • Project Assistance: Identifying the types of projects people need help with.
        • Project Outcomes: Reporting on the outcomes of projects supported by CHARM.

  • 6. What if I need a consultation, but it is not related to a specific project?

    That’s okay! Simply skip the step to create a project, and go directly to the Consultation form. When it asks you “Is this request related to a specific project?” Click “No” and complete the remainder of the form. Our team will receive your request and follow up to coordinate the consultation or service for you. 

  • 7. I am a community member/partner/agency. Is the Research Navigation Portal for me?

    Yes! CHARM encourages community members/partners/agencies to access the Research Navigation Portal for assistance with research-related questions. This can include Community Pilot Award-related consultations, questions about partnering with researchers, questions about our Community Advisory Board, and more. 

    For non-research-related questions, we are currently building a separate portal to help community members learn more about HIV and mental health. Please stay tuned for updates about this separate portal. 

    If you would like to be notified when the new non-research-related portal is ready, email and ask to be added to the CHARM listserv. 

  • 8. What to expect from a consultation?

    • CHARM Cores can offer consultations based on their expertise. The types of consultations each Core can offer are listed in the consultation request form on the Portal. 
    • Once you submit a consultation or service request through the Portal, CHARM staff will contact you to schedule your consultation or facilitate your service request. Staff will typically reach out within 72 hours (typically 48 hours, excluding weekends) to facilitate the request.
      • CHARM will facilitate the scheduling of the virtual or in-person consultation.
      • CHARM staff will work with you to schedule a consult based on your needs and timeline.
    • CHARM faculty members may refer the consultee to other faculty members after the initial consultation.
    • After a consultation, consultees may be contacted to obtain additional information on the consultation outcomes.

  • 9. I received a consultation from CHARM. Should I cite support from the CHARM grant in my manuscripts and presentations?

    Yes! If your research has received support from CHARM, please acknowledge support in any publications/presentations/proposals. CHARM relies on these citations as a critical performance measure when reporting annual productivity (publications) to NIH.

    Recommended language for use in your work, including our grant number, can be found here.

  • 10. What if my question isn’t answered here?

    The CHARM Team is happy to answer any additional questions regarding the Research Navigation Portal. Please reach out to and a dedicated team member will reach out to help you navigate the portal.