Affiliated Institutions

As CHARM transitioned from a Developmental AIDS Research Center (D-ARC) to a full ARC in 2023, the Center grew to three affiliated institutions: Florida International University (FIU), Nova Southeastern University (NSU), and Florida State University (FSU). 

Many of CHARM's Pilot/Scholar Awards and Microgrants, along with all seminars, trainings and consultations, are open to faculty at our affiliated institutions. Additionally, if you are an investigator from an institution that is not an official subcontract, you are still welcome to become a Registered CHARM User via our Research Navigation Portal and request services. CHARM will do its best to respond to all service requests in an effort to end the HIV epidemic in Florida and beyond. 

University of Miami

CHARM's primary site is the University of Miami. 

To see Cores and Leadership, visit our Cores tab. 

Florida International University


Mario De La Rosa, PhD - CHARM FIU Liaison 

Nova Southeastern University


Maria Isabel Fernandez, PhD - CHARM NSU Liaison 

Florida State University


Sylvie Naar, PhD - CHARM FSU Liaison