The work at CHARM is supported by 5 Cores: the Administrative Core, the Developmental Core, the Mental Health Disparities and Community Engagement (MHD-CE) Core, the Methods Core, and the Equitable Implementation Science (EIS) Core.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core, as an organizational hub, provides Center leadership, strategic planning, and coordinates cross-Core activities.

Developmental Core

The Developmental Core awards pilot studies and mentors early-stage investigators and investigators new to HIV/mental health research.

Methods Core

The Methods Core provides innovative research design, biostatistical (e.g. multilevel modeling, machine learning, geospatial analysis), data management, and qualitative research expertise and maintains the data elements for the Center’s consent-to-contact databases and a REDCap measures library.

Mental Health Disparities and Community Engagement Core

The Mental Health Disparities and Community Engagement (MHD-CE) Core houses our community engagement activities and provides expertise and resources to promote culturally competent approaches, tools, and interventions for ethical, multi-level, community-engaged research addressing MH and HIV-related health disparities.

Equitable Implementation Science Core

The Equitable Implementation Science (EIS) Core provides design and implementation science resources and expertise to extend the equitable reach of evidenced-based interventions.

CHANGE T32 Training Program

CHARM's affiliated CHANGE T32 Training Program is not a Core, but it is an important element of the Center. Please see this page for more information on the CHANGE T32 Training Program.