Equitable Implementation Science Core

The Equitable Implementation Science (EIS) Core aims to support research on equitably implementing and disseminating evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to reach communities who could most benefit. The Core’s emphasis is on training underrepresented minoritized researchers, individuals interested in working with communities experiencing HIV and MH disparities, and established investigators ready to transition their research from efficacy/effectiveness to IS, while simultaneously engaging stakeholders in this process to ensure the results of this work are impactful. 

This core is led by Audrey Harkness, PhD (Core Director), Guillermo "Willy" Prado, PhD and Mariano Kanamori, PhD (Core Co-Directors).

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Core-Related Activities, Resources and Links

The EIS Core, in collaboration with the Developmental Core, has released the RFA for the 2024 cycle of Microgrants. To find more about the call for applications click here. To see the awardee of the 2023 cycle of the Microgrants click here. Click here to see a recording of our recent informational session.

For the EIS Core’s Implementer Consent-to-contact Database click here.

Recently Completed Activities

Click here to see CHARM’s recent events, including several EIS Core events.

  1. Co-Hosted with Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. March 5, 2024. Presenter: Justin D. Smith, PhD.
  2. 2023 Dissemination and Implementation Conference Debrief Session. Wednesday, March 20th 2024. Presenter: Alyssa Lozano, PhD.

Additional Core Significant Contributors
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