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March 2021

Anderson, S. R., Witkin, J. E., Bolt, T., Llabre, M. M., Ashton-James, C. E., & Reynolds Losin, E. A. (2021). Modeling neural and self-reported factors of affective distress in the relationship between pain and working memory in healthy individuals. Neuropsychologia, 153, 107766.

Bai, F., Chen, J., Pandey, D., Durazo-Arvizu, R., Talavera, G. A., Allison, M. A., Perreira, K. M., Schneiderman, N., Sutherland, M. W., Cai, J., Daviglus, M. L., & Testai, F. D. (2021). Stroke Risk Factor Status and Use of Stroke Prevention Medications Among Hispanic/Latino Adults in HCHS/SOL. Stroke, 52(4), 1339–1346.

Bertrand, L., Velichkovska, M., & Toborek, M. (2021). Cerebral Vascular Toxicity of Antiretroviral Therapy. Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology, 16(1), 74–89.

Bowser, D. M., Henry, B. F., & McCollister, K. E. (2021). Cost analysis in implementation studies of evidence-based practices for mental health and substance use disorders: a systematic review. Implementation science : IS, 16(1), 26.

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Chahine, A., Koru-Sengul, T., Feaster, D. J., Dilworth, S. E., Antoni, M. H., Klatt, N., Roach, M. E., Pallikkuth, S., Sharkey, M., Salinas, J., Stevenson, M., Pahwa, S., Fuchs, D., & Carrico, A. W. (2021). Blue Monday: Co-occurring Stimulant Use and HIV Persistence Predict Dysregulated Catecholamine Synthesis. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), 86(3), 353–360.

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Daubert, E., Weber, K. M., French, A. L., Seidman, D., Michel, K., Gustafson, D., Murphy, K., Muzny, C. A., Alcaide, M., Sheth, A., Adimora, A. A., & Spear, G. T. (2021). Obesity is associated with lower bacterial vaginosis prevalence in menopausal but not pre-menopausal women in a retrospective analysis of the Women's Interagency HIV Study. PloS one, 16(3), e0248136.

Díaz-Pachón, D. A., & Rao, J. S. (2021). A simple correction for COVID-19 sampling bias. Journal of theoretical biology, 512, 110556.

Dulin, A. J., Earnshaw, V. A., Dale, S. K., Carey, M. P., Fava, J. L., Wilson-Barthes, M., Mugavero, M. J., Dougherty-Sheff, S., Johnson, B., Napravnik, S., & Howe, C. J. (2021). A Concept Mapping Study to Understand Multilevel Resilience Resources Among African American/Black Adults Living with HIV in the Southern United StatesAIDS and behavior25(3), 773–786.

Ebner, B. F., Chueng, T., & Martinez, C. A. (2021). Epigenetics, HIV, and Cardiovascular Disease RiskCurrent problems in cardiology46(3), 100615.

Ebner, B., Vincent, L., Grant, J., & Martinez, C. (2021). Cardiac Catheterization Procedures in Patients with HIV: A Retrospective AnalysisJournal of cardiovascular development and disease8(4), 33.

Evans, J. L., Couture, M. C., Carrico, A., Stein, E. S., Muth, S., Phou, M., Aynar, L., Song, N., Chhit, S., Neak, Y., Maher, L., & Page, K. (2021). Joint effects of alcohol and stimulant use disorders on self-reported sexually transmitted infections in a prospective study of Cambodian female entertainment and sex workers. International journal of STD & AIDS, 32(4), 304–313.

Fernandez, A., Lozano, A., Lee, T. K., Estrada, Y., Messiah, S. E., & Prado, G. (2021). A Family-Based Healthy Lifestyle Intervention: Crossover Effects on Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors. Prevention science : the official journal of the Society for Prevention Research, 10.1007/s11121-021-01220-z. Advance online publication.

Guan, J., Li, Z., Chen, J., Guo, Q., Rao, Q., Duan, S., Xu, G., Chen, J., Pan, Y., Liu, Y., Qin, M., & Sun, Q. (2021). Complete genome characterization of the 2018 dengue outbreak in Hunan, an inland province in central South China. Virus research, 297, 198358. Advance online publication.

Harkness, A., Weinstein, E. R., Atuluru, P., Vidal, R., Rodriguez-Diaz, C. E., & Safren, S. A. (2021). "Let's Hook Up When the Pandemic is Over:" Latinx Sexual Minority Men's Sexual Behavior During COVID-19. Journal of sex research, 1–7. Advance online publication.

Kenya, S., Young, B., Taylor, J., Carrasquillo, O., Marcus, E., & St Onge, J. (2021). How Does Black History Help Doctors? Addressing Cultural Competency through Cinemeducation at a Diverse Medical School. Southern medical journal, 114(3), 133–138.

Lee, J. S., Zopluoglu, C., Andersen, L. S., Stanton, A. M., Magidson, J. F., Kagee, A., Joska, J. A., O'Cleirigh, C., & Safren, S. A. (2021). Improving the Measurement of Food Insecurity among People with HIV in South Africa: A Psychometric Examination. Public health nutrition, 1–30. Advance online publication.

Liu, T. Y., Knott, G. J., Smock, D., Desmarais, J. J., Son, S., Bhuiya, A., Jakhanwal, S., Prywes, N., Agrawal, S., de León Derby, M. D., Switz, N. A., Armstrong, M., Harris, A. R., Charles, E. J., Thornton, B. W., Fozouni, P., Shu, J., Stephens, S. I., Kumar, G. R., Zhao, C., … Doudna, J. A. (2021). Accelerated RNA detection using tandem CRISPR nucleases. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences, 2021.03.19.21253328.         (Roger McIntosh)

Lozano, A., Liu, F., Lee, T. K., Prado, G., Schwartz, S. J., Leventhal, A. M., Kelleghan, A. R., Unger, J. B., & Barrington-Trimis, J. L. (2021). Bidirectional associations between e-cigarette use and alcohol use across adolescence. Drug and alcohol dependence, 220, 108496.

Mandell, L. N., Rodriguez, V. J., Peltzer, K., Weiss, S. M., & Jones, D. L. (2021). Fertility intentions of women living with HIV and their male partners during the perinatal period in rural South Africa. International journal of STD & AIDS, 956462420987447. Advance online publication.

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Mimiaga, M. J., Hughto, J., Klasko-Foster, L., Jin, H., Mayer, K. H., Safren, S. A., & Biello, K. B. (2021). Substance Use, Mental Health Problems, and Physical and Sexual Violence Additively Increase HIV Risk Between Male Sex Workers and Their Male Clients in Northeastern United States. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), 86(3), 305–312.

Muñoz, E., Gallo, L. C., Hua, S., Sliwinski, M. J., Kaplan, R., Lipton, R. B., González, H. M., Penedo, F. J., Tarraf, W., Daviglus, M. L., Llabre, M. M., & Isasi, C. R. (2021). Stress Is Associated With Neurocognitive Function in Hispanic/Latino Adults: Results From HCHS/SOL Socio-Cultural Ancillary Study. The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, 76(4), e122–e128.

Philbin, M. M., Parish, C., Kinnard, E. N., Reed, S. E., Kerrigan, D., Alcaide, M. L., Cohen, M. H., Sosanya, O., Sheth, A. N., Adimora, A. A., Cocohoba, J., Goparaju, L., Golub, E. T., Fischl, M., & Metsch, L. R. (2021). Interest in Long-Acting Injectable Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (LAI PrEP) Among Women in the Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS): A Qualitative Study Across Six Cities in the United States. AIDS and behavior, 25(3), 667–678.

Samano, D., Saha, S., Kot, T. C., Potter, J. E., & Duthely, L. M. (2021). Impact of Extreme Weather on Healthcare Utilization by People with HIV in Metropolitan Miami. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(5), 2442.

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Vincent, W., Carrico, A. W., Dilworth, S. E., Fuchs, D., Neilands, T. B., Moskowitz, J. T., & Flentje, A. (2021). Intersecting minority statuses and tryptophan degradation among stimulant-using, sexual minority men living with HIV. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 89(3), 156–165.

February 2021

Abbamonte, J. M., Cristofari, N. V., Weiss, S. M., Kumar, M., Jayaweera, D. T., & Jones, D. L. (2021). Heart Health and Behavior Change in HIV-Infected Individuals. AIDS and behavior, 25(2), 615–622.

Coye, A. E., Bornstein, K. J., Bartholomew, T. S., Li, H., Wong, S., Janjua, N. Z., Tookes, H. E., & St Onge, J. E. (2021). Hospital Costs of Injection Drug Use in Florida. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 72(3), 499–502.

Diaz, A., Taub, C. J., Lippman, M. E., Antoni, M. H., & Blomberg, B. B. (2021). Effects of brief stress management interventions on distress and leukocyte nuclear factor kappa B expression during primary treatment for breast cancer: A randomized trialPsychoneuroendocrinology126, 105163. Advance online publication.

Goodman, Z. T., Stamatis, C. A., Stoler, J., Emrich, C. T., & Llabre, M. M. (2021). Methodological challenges to confirmatory latent variable models of social vulnerability. Natural hazards (Dordrecht, Netherlands), 1–19. Advance online publication.

Jones, D. L., Ballivian, J., Rodriguez, V. J., Uribe, C., Cecchini, D., Salazar, A. S., Cassetti, I., & Alcaide, M. L. (2021). Mental Health, Coping, and Social Support Among People Living with HIV in the Americas: A Comparative Study Between Argentina and the USA During the SARS-CoV-2 PandemicAIDS and behavior, 1–9. Advance online publication.

Jones, D. L., Rodriguez, V. J., Salazar, A. S., Montgomerie, E., Raccamarich, P. D., Uribe Starita, C., Barreto Ojeda, I. T., Beauchamps, L., Vazquez, A., Martinez, T., & Alcaide, M. L. (2021). Sex Differences in the Association Between Stress, Loneliness, and COVID-19 Burden among People with HIV in the USAIDS research and human retroviruses, 10.1089/AID.2020.0289. Advance online publication.

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January 2021


Anderson, S. R., Witkin, J. E., Bolt, T., Llabre, M. M., Ashton-James, C. E., & Reynolds Losin, E. A. (2021). Modeling neural and self-reported factors of affective distress in the relationship between pain and working memory in healthy individuals. Neuropsychologia, 107766. Advance online publication.

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