The CHARM Consultation Service provides guidance to researchers on the following areas of research:

  • Identifying a mentor and mentoring services
  • Identifying a community partner/agency
  • Development of multi-level interventions that are culturally valid
  • Participant recruitment
  • Using a consent-to-contact database for recruitment or data analysis
  • Accessing data for secondary data analysis
  • Accessing specimens from biorepositories
  • Designing a research study
  • IRB/ethics review
  • Identifying a culturally-relevant instrument/measure
  • Biostatistics/data analyses
  • Database development/management
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Peer review of concepts, grants, summary statements, and manuscripts (see below)

CHARM encourages community partners/agencies to access the consultation services to request assistance with research-related collaborations. 

What to expect from a consultation?

  • Upon submitting a consultation request via the Research Navigation Portal, a member of the Administrative Core will contact the consultee within 96 hours (typically 48 hours, excluding weekends) to solicit additional information on the request and solicit availability (if not already provided via the Research Navigation Portal).
  • CHARM will facilitate the scheduling of the telephone or in-person consultation.
  • Consultations are typically scheduled within 2 weeks of the initial request.
  • CHARM faculty members may refer the consultee to other faculty members after the initial consultation.
  • After a consultation, both consultants and consultees will each be requested to complete an evaluation form; consultees may also be contacted to obtain additional information on the consultation outcomes.

Submit a request for consultation via the Research Navigation Portal.